Game of Thrones : George R. R. Martin’s "do not think" that this season had to be the last

In an interview granted to our colleagues from the Hollywood Reporter, the writer George R. R. Martin has confided his impressions on the final season of “Game of Thrones” as well as on the spin-off in preparation. D. R. “Chained” to his typewriter, in his own words, the writer George R. R. Martin has, however, taken the time to answer the questions of our fellow americans of the Hollywood Reporter regarding the release this Sunday of the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones. “For me, it would not have had to be the last season, but here we are,” said the author, to which the end of Game of Thrones is not really happened, since he still needs to finish writing the novels while supervising five projects of spin-off currently being developed by HBO. Game of Thrones : John Bradley / Samwell Tarly describes the end of the series, A driver of one of these series has been ordered, and will be shot in the course of the summer, including his cast Naomi Watts. “We see an era totally different from Westeros” because its plot takes place several millennia before the current series, “without a dragon, without a throne and without King’s Landing”, according to Martin, that confirms that this prequel will be based on a story completely new, which it has been mentioned through ‘a line or two” in his anthology Game of Thrones – The Origins of the saga. The ultimate season of Game of Thrones to follow as soon as next Monday at the rate of one episode per week on OCS.