Harry Potter : in which movies and series will there be the stars of the saga in 2019 ?

While the series “Miracle Workers”, led by Daniel Radcliffe, has recently come to an end, focus on the agenda cinĂ©/series of the stars of the saga “Harry Potter” for the year 2019. GER series Miracle Workers, which has just ended on TBS (and Warner TV in France), marks the first television experience as a headliner for Daniel Radcliffe. A show that is seen to embody an angel responsible for receiving all the prayers of humanity to leave it up to God (Steve Buscemi) the time to indulge his hobbies. In order to avoid the destruction of the Earth, he will have to reconcile the two humans. Topical warm which offers us the opportunity to discuss the agenda 2019, the lord Harry Potter and his ex-colleagues of the saga’s magic, Rupert Grint Emma Watson in passing by Tom Felton. In 2019, Daniel Radcliffe will not only play an angel on the small screen. The british actor, 29-year-old will lend its voice to one of the characters in the animated film Playmobil, adapted from the famous toys and the output of which is hexagonal, is scheduled for August 7, next. And then the actor will fight a site on the dark web in Guns Akimbo, still not dated. Harry Potter : Daniel Radcliffe would be “fascinated” by a reboot Of his hand, the rare Emma Watson , most view the screen from July 2017 and The Circle, will be back with a new version of the Four daughters of doctor March, the classic Louisa May Alcott. However, it will wait a bit to see this long film made by Greta Gerwig : it will release in cinemas on January 8, 2020 (it was a little cheated). The Hermione in the saga of Harry Potter there will be the character of Meg to the sides, in particular, the irish actress Saoirse Ronan. And Rupert Grint ? Seen recently in the series, Snatch and Sick Note, the one who plays Ronald Weasley is going to continue its merry way on the small screen in 2019. One expects, in fact, in the credits of the show, created by M. Night Shyamalan for Apple. A thriller still devoid of a title that would tell the story of a couple hiring a nanny to care for their child. The rest of the story ? Mystery… Harry Potter : 5 things to know about the famous sorcerer In relation to the other actors of the saga magic, Tom Felton , aka Draco Malfoy, recently seen in the credits of the SF series Origin, will give a reply to Daisy Ridley in the film Ophelia, who narrates the forbidden love between Ophelia and prince Hamlet. Ralph Fiennes, incarnation of the famous Lord Voldemort, will lend itself to his voice to the character of Alfred Pennyworth in The Great Adventure Lego 2, in theatres on 20 February, and then will be listed in the casting for Holmes & Watson, not out yet in our regions, and Kingsman: The Great Game, scheduled for the end of the year. Finally, we note that in 2019, Maggie Smith, the interpreter, Minerva McGonagall, was to be the poster of the film Downton Abbey.
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