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Avengers, Black Panther, Us… Which is Winston Duke ?
Tomorrow belongs to us : what awaits you in episode 404 of Wednesday 20 February 2019 [SPOILERS]

No surprise, ABC has decided to grant a further season to its success, “Good Doctor”. The series medical with Freddie Highmore released in us on TF1 continues to make great audiences… Sony Pictures Television It was only a formality, and ABC did not wait for the month of may to make his decision, as he is wont to do : the Good Doctor is renewed for a season 3, probably again made up of 18 episodes. The show’s medical with Freddie Highmore, which is a success around the world, including here on TF1, draws each week, on average 11.2 million of the faithful on Monday at 22h, an audience share of 2.1 on the target 18/49 years ago to D+7 (including catch-up). This is the second series of the channel the most followed just behind the stainless Grey’s Anatomy. In spite of the competition of Manifest on NBC in the same box, which has a time to lose a few télespectateurs, the Good Doctor has taken over the leadership ever since. The series will soon welcome actor Daniel Dae Kim (Jin from Lost) who is also one of the producers since its launch. The season 2 will end in a few weeks on ABC.

Check out our interview with Freddie Highmore on the set of the season 1 : Good Doctor, according to its star Freddie Highmore : "The viewers have latched on to the vision of the world full d'hope of Shaun"

Shazam! Shazam streamcomplet

The two actors will be the guest stars of the next season where they will represent the Commander Winslow, new leader of Gilead, and his wife. Currently in production, season 3 of The Handmaid”s Tale will introduce two new characters, Commander Winslow and his wife, who are respectively played by Christopher Meloni (New York: Special victims Unit, Oz) and Elizabeth Reaser (The Haunting of Hill House, Easy), reports the site Comingsoon . While the season 3 will focus on the resistance led by June (Elizabeth Moss) against the regime dystopian Gilead, Winslow will make their appearance when they welcome Waterford (Joseph Fiennes and Yvonne Strahovski) in an important travel. A new Commanding officer described as “powerful and magnetic,” while his wife will become “a friend and a source of inspiration,” Serena Joy. Secret meetings, betrayals, and diving terrifying in the heart of Gilead into perspective, this season promises to be as bad as the previous. Each character will have to choose his camp, and followed the precept rebel “Blessed by the fight” (“blessed by the fighting”). Since its first broadcast in April 2017, The Handmaid”s Tale became the first series produced by a service of video on demand to earn the prestigious awards to the Emmy Awards and the Golden Globes in the category of Best drama series. Dystopia feminist, adapted from the novel by Margaret Atwood, also became the series most watched on the platform Hulu, and his biggest critical success to date. Meanwhile season 3, (re)discover the details and secrets of The Handmaid”s Tale ! Had you noticed that ? Emissions Bonus

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Game Of Thrones-season 8 : "The Mountain" had need a liner
SKAM France : our blow of heart for a season 3 addictive

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Cyberstalking : how fiction deals with the subject ?
FanZone #791 – Return on 2018 ! What were your top 10 films geek and heroic favorite ?

While the series “Miracle Workers”, led by Daniel Radcliffe, has recently come to an end, focus on the agenda ciné/series of the stars of the saga “Harry Potter” for the year 2019. GER series Miracle Workers, which has just ended on TBS (and Warner TV in France), marks the first television experience as a headliner for Daniel Radcliffe. A show that is seen to embody an angel responsible for receiving all the prayers of humanity to leave it up to God (Steve Buscemi) the time to indulge his hobbies. In order to avoid the destruction of the Earth, he will have to reconcile the two humans. Topical warm which offers us the opportunity to discuss the agenda 2019, the lord Harry Potter and his ex-colleagues of the saga’s magic, Rupert Grint Emma Watson in passing by Tom Felton. In 2019, Daniel Radcliffe will not only play an angel on the small screen. The british actor, 29-year-old will lend its voice to one of the characters in the animated film Playmobil, adapted from the famous toys and the output of which is hexagonal, is scheduled for August 7, next. And then the actor will fight a site on the dark web in Guns Akimbo, still not dated. Harry Potter : Daniel Radcliffe would be “fascinated” by a reboot Of his hand, the rare Emma Watson , most view the screen from July 2017 and The Circle, will be back with a new version of the Four daughters of doctor March, the classic Louisa May Alcott. However, it will wait a bit to see this long film made by Greta Gerwig : it will release in cinemas on January 8, 2020 (it was a little cheated). The Hermione in the saga of Harry Potter there will be the character of Meg to the sides, in particular, the irish actress Saoirse Ronan. And Rupert Grint ? Seen recently in the series, Snatch and Sick Note, the one who plays Ronald Weasley is going to continue its merry way on the small screen in 2019. One expects, in fact, in the credits of the show, created by M. Night Shyamalan for Apple. A thriller still devoid of a title that would tell the story of a couple hiring a nanny to care for their child. The rest of the story ? Mystery… Harry Potter : 5 things to know about the famous sorcerer In relation to the other actors of the saga magic, Tom Felton , aka Draco Malfoy, recently seen in the credits of the SF series Origin, will give a reply to Daisy Ridley in the film Ophelia, who narrates the forbidden love between Ophelia and prince Hamlet. Ralph Fiennes, incarnation of the famous Lord Voldemort, will lend itself to his voice to the character of Alfred Pennyworth in The Great Adventure Lego 2, in theatres on 20 February, and then will be listed in the casting for Holmes & Watson, not out yet in our regions, and Kingsman: The Great Game, scheduled for the end of the year. Finally, we note that in 2019, Maggie Smith, the interpreter, Minerva McGonagall, was to be the poster of the film Downton Abbey.
They have played in Harry Potter AND Game of Thrones ! See the slide show slide show They played in Harry Potter AND Game of Thrones 8 photos

The Intervention : back on the hostage-taking of Loyada, the event that marked the birth of the GIGN

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Victory is reluctant to commit fully to the sides of Yann Moss; Sarah must face a past embarrassing; White and Franck are struggling to keep up with rules that they have set with Madison. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3 ! Victory chooses his destiny Of passing the bar of the Mistral, Luna learns to Sacha that she is preparing to fly to Morocco with Babeth. She bids her farewell, and confesses to him that their break-up has allowed him to change his life. For his part, Sacha tries to hold Victory to go commit an act of eco-terrorism in the surroundings of Marseille alongside Yann Moss. The young woman begins to question his own convictions. But as it prepares to cancel the mission, a conversation with Estelle reassures on its own qualities and his sense of the gift of self. Against the advice of Sasha, she decides to go to the end. During this time, Ferri, short of resources to erase the trace of his acts, decided to wear the hat to Simonian. The art dealer is arrested… Kevin finds himself in an uncomfortable work posture, Kevin and Leo are at it again in the hideout in the residential area, ready to catch the squatters of the previous day. Uncomfortable at the idea of confronting Jenny, Kevin kick into touch, and leaves Leo to call on the young girl. During his interrogation, it finds all the possible reasons to not find yourself in front of her. Suspicious, Castelli consults the criminal records of Jenny and discovers that Kevin and she are out together, several years earlier, and that he failed to reveal to him this information… Franck and White is lead White, and Franck strictly forbid Noah to give to eat sweets to their dog, Madison. But before the attitude tenderizing the animal, Franck and White decide to make an exception to their rule, then two, then three… Until Madison vomit on the kitchen floor. Noah understands that his parents have been lax, and the moral. As for Coralie, she seems more sorry than by the maternal attitude of White towards the animal…

J. J. Abrams : Universal, Disney and Warner are fighting to sign a collaboration with Bad Robot
Bohemian Rhapsody : our blind test reversed with Rami Malek, Best actor Oscar

You don’t know what to watch tonight ? The Drafting of AlloCiné shows you the movies and series on tv. In the program : a French comedy cult with De Funès, Frances McDormand wants to avenge the death of his daughter and Kad Merad director. “Helped subdue” The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob by Gérard Oury with Louis de Funès, Henri Guybet (France 2, 21) : “A comedy cult French cinema ! If you have not seen it yet, is that you have missed one of its countless reruns, or that you have an a priori rather negative, which is understandable. Don’t worry, the film of Gérard Oury has not taken a ride. It takes always a pleasure incredible to see Louis De Funès is bogged down in confusion unlikely. The actor excels in the skin of the small racist surly, which connects disasters to give rise to a bunch of scenes of worship, of its fall in the pot of chewing gum to the unforgettable hasidic dance. A (re)view !” Caroline Langlois 3 Billboards, The Signs of vengeance trailer VO 3 Billboards, The Signs of the vengeance of Martin McDonagh with Frances McDormand, Sam Rockwell (Canal + Décalé, 20h55) : “The director of the strippers Bons Baisers de Bruges and 7 Psychopaths continues in its momentum with 3 Billboards. A drama of biting on a woman seeking to avenge the death of his daughter by challenging the impotence of the police of his small town. Frances McDormand shines in the spotlight as usual. At his side, Sam Rockwell delivers a performance great. All the two have not stolen their many rewards. It is both heartbreaking, violent and funny, in the vein of a good Coen.” Caroline Langlois Mr. Daddy trailer VF Monsieur Papa de Kad Merad with Kad Merad, Michele Laroque (C8, 21h) : “”I’m fine, don’t worry” to “Superstar” by way of “The Italian”, Kad Merad has shown us that he knew to be moving. It proves once again with “Mr. Papa”, his first creation. Surrounded by Michèle Laroque and Vincent Perez, the apprentice filmmaker redraws with tenderness the contours of the family and has made us aware of one thing : that filial love can hide anywhere.” William Martin “Allowed to speak” And otherwise, among all the movies that are coming this evening, what is your favorite ? What are you going to watch this Sunday, February 24 ? To find all programs, go directly to the grid by clicking here.

Plus belle la vie : what you can expect in the episode 3715 Friday 18 January 2019 [SPOILERS]
The Attack of the Titans season 3 : the date of the release of the second part has been unveiled

The comedy super-hero “Shazam!” with Zachary Levi arrives at the head of the first screenings in paris, closely followed by the animated film “The Park of wonders” and the romantic comedy fantasy of Hugo Gélin, “My Unknown”. 2019 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC. / Steven Wilke © DC Comics RangFilmEntrées*Number of copies*Average per copy*1 Shazam ! 1 468 20 73 2 The Park of wonders 1 364 18 76 3 My unknown 1 116 22 51 4 The class Struggle 1 111 19 58 5 Chamboultout 637 18 35 6 Tel Aviv On Fire 566 10 57 7 Captive State 386 10 39 8 I want the sun 335 8 42 9 As if nothing had happened 286 8 36 10 Terra Willy – unknown Planet 202 8 25 11 Curiosa 176 5 35 12 Tito and the Birds 48 4 12 13 Los Silencios 38 2 19 14 the Legacy of The 500 000 30 1 30 15 Reindeer white (reprise) 25 1 25 16 the Man in the motorcycle 13 1 13 17 A pretty valley 4 1 4 18 The Man who laughs (reprise) 1 1 1 The trailer of Shazam! : Shazam! Trailer VF Source : CBO Box-Office